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April 28, 2014

How to make fake cornstalks!

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Ever needed to make cornstalks for a theater production, an exhibit or for holiday decoration?  Well here is how to make green cornstalks out of ordinary materials you can find at your local hardward store.

The Supplies

Bamboo pole (approximately 1.5” diameter x 6’ long)

Spray paint:

Hunter green

Medium green

Light green

Golden yellow

4” hunter green duct tape

2” hunter green duct tape

Heavy gauge wire

18” 20 gauge floral wire

Golden yellow pipe cleaners (aka Chenille stems)


Tape measure

Hot glue gun

Razor blade or sharp knife

Hunter green tissue paper

Light green tissue paper

Wood blocks

TAP Plastics silicon mould kit

Yellow spray foam insulation

Faux corn cob

Long tall container

2 plastic mixing cups

Making the Stalk

Stalk Supplies

1 Bamboo pole (approximately 1.5” in diameter x 6’ long)

Spray Paint

Hunter green

Medium green

Light green

Step #1

Spray the bamboo with a coat of hunter green paint.


Step #2

Spray a light mist of the medium green over the dark green, make sure you keep the spray can far away from the bamboo so the mist doesn’t get too heavy.


Step #3

Layer on a fine mist of the light green spray paint. You don’t want too much of the light green color, just a little bit to give it some depth.  If you get too much of the light green, go over it again with a fine misting of the medium color.

The bamboo should look like this when you are done.

Making the Ears Using the Molding and Spray Foam Method


Silicon Mold Making Kit from Tap Plastics (link to website)

A faux corn cob

A container to hold the mold

2 plastic measuring cups that measure in milileters

Can of spray foam insulation


Step #1

Secure the tip of the cob to the bottom of the container using hot glue and secure the top so it doesn’t move around and is standing upright.


Step #2

Mix the silicon mold kit according to directions from the Tap Plastics website (link)

Mixing ratio (silicon to catalyst) by volume will be 9 to 1. Use the plastic measuring cups to measure and mix.


Step #3

Pour silicon mix around the cob in the container. Allow to cure for recommended time according to Tap Plastics (usually 8 to 9 hours).


Step #4

Once cured cut the mold out of the plastic container that it was allowed to cure in; cut the mold in half.  The faux cob should come out easily and your mold is complete!


Step #5

Put the mold halves back together and tape shut.


Step #6

Fill the mold with spray foam and allow the foam to dry according to the time on the packaging.


Step #7

Once cured, open the mold and you should have a foam corncob, like you see above.


Optional ear making method:

You can also carve the ears out of wood and tissue paper like shown here. Instead of using duct tape, make the inner leaves with light green and dark green tissue paper.


Making the leaves