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December 13, 2011

2012 Century Farm Recognition Program

Susan Rosenfeldt Gruchalla, one of the Century Farm award winners for 2011, with HCSCC Board Member Jon Evert. Photo courtesy of the Barnesville Record-Review.

According to the Minnesota State Fair website, The Century Farm recognition program, sponsored by the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Farm Bureau, recognizes farms that have been in continuous ownership by a family for 100 years or more. Since the program began in 1976, over 8,500 Minnesota farms have been recognized. Each year, Century Farm recipients receive an outdoor sign designating the farm as a “Century Farm” and a certificate signed by the governor of Minnesota and presidents of the Farm Bureau and Minnesota State Fair. Qualifying farms have been in continuous family ownership for at least 100 years and are 50 acres or more.

Here are directions on how to apply:
Visit http://www.mnstatefair.org/general_info/recognition.html to fill out an application form. The deadline for 2012 program is April 2.

Please return the application to the address below:
Minnesota State Fair
Century Farm Program
1265 Snelling Avenue North
St. Paul, MN 55108

Qualifications for entry are as follows:
1. The farm must be at least 100 years old this year (2012) according to abstract of title, land patent, original deed, county land records, court file in registration proceedings, or other authentic land records. Please do not send originals or copies of records.
2. Your family must have owned the farm for 100 years or more. “Family” is defined as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, first cousins and direct in-laws (father-mother-brother-sister-daughter-son-in-law).
3. Continuous residence on farm is not required, but ownership must be continuous.
4. The farm should consist of 50 or more acres and currently be involved in agricultural production. All of the qualifications must be met at the time the application is submitted. Recognition ceremonies are handled by the local county fair. If your county fair does not have a ceremony, your certificate and sign will be sent directly to you shortly after June 1. The Century Farm status is only conferred on a farm one time. New owners from the same “family,” after a farm has already been designated a Century Farm may not reapply or request new certificate.

Please note: If you do not have access to the internet or would like to do more research, please contact Lisa Vedaa at 218-299-5511 Ext. 6735 or Mark Peihl at 218-299-5511 Ext. 6734.

Here are the previous Clay County Century Farm families:
Howard O Sr & Evelyn Pender Baker 1895
Eldon & Patricia Solum, Baker, 1888
Curt & Beverly Hanson Butenhoff, Barnesville, 1900
Ole Egge, Barnesville, 1886
Gordon O & Claudia D Gilbertson, Barnesville, 1888
Thomas & Patricia Hilgers, Barnesville, 1878
Alden Hough, Barnesville, 1904
Russell T Lund, Barnesville, 1874
Nick Manston, Barnesville, 1886
Wayne & Grace Mcevers, Barnesville, 1880
Kermit & Alice Nelson, Barnesville, 1884
Arnold Ness, Barnesville, 1875
Joseph P & Lois Pederson, Barnesville, 1892
Gordon & Maxine & Wayne Shulstad, Barnesville, 1883
Melvin Stephenson, Barnesville, 1871
Stewart & Jennifer Bjorhus, Borup, 1900
Aldus & Laverne Heiraas, Borup, 1895
Floyd D Blilie, Comstock, 1890
Earl & Loren Ingebretsen Farms, Fehon, 1885
Darlene & John Askegaard, Georgetown 1880
Joseph & Elizabeth Richards, Georgetow,n, 1904
Bradley Crume, Glyndon, 1899
Gordon & Mildred Juve, Glyndon, 1882
Eugene & Carol Langlie, Glyndon, 1900
Norman & Myrtle Larson, Glyndon, 1890
Gary A Lee, Glyndon, 1870
Bradley Crume, Glyndon, 1899
Gerhard Snartland, Glyndon, 1872
Welik Wold Family, Glyndon, 1890
James & Agnes Aakre, Hawley, 1888
Avella Anderson, Hawley, 1885
Bruce & Joy Bang, Hawley, 1879
Curtis & Ardelle Berg, Hawley, 1871
Gary L Berg, Hawley, 1896
Norman Bjorndahl, Hawley, 1880
Maurice Bredeson Hawley 1882
Mr & Mrs Courtney Carlson, Hawley, 1880
Mildred & Rose Egge & Strand, Hawley, 1883
Henry & Levon Ford, Hawley, 1873
Gustav A Haug, Hawley, 1882
Ted Herbanson, Hawley, 1874
Steven & Lisa Jetvig, Hawley ,1884
Joy, Colin & Sheryl Melby, Hawley ,1887
Arlen Nelson, Hawley, 1874
Donald H Nord, Hawley, 1881
Eldon & Margie Raknerud, Hawley, 1889
Kermit & Ardell Rodke, Hawley, 1901
Gordon & Mildred G Sander, Hawley, 1890
Richard & Robert Schlatter, Hawley, 1879
Verna & Stuart Westberg, Hawley, 1880
Kenneth Wouters, Hawley, 1891
Carl E Erickson, Hitterdal, 1884
Earl S & Marcy Hillstead, Hitterdal, 1886
Grant Lyseng, Hitterdal, 1879
Leroy & Ardith Peterson, Hitterdal, 1901
Audrey Savig, Hitterdal, 1910
Lynn Anderson, Moorhead, 1887
Warren Brendemuhl ,Moorhead, 1878
Edwin J Dahlstrom, Moorhead, 1869
Bob & Mae Gee, Moorhead, 1879
Richard & Josie Gilbery, Moorhead, 1892
Jacob A Holte, Moorhead, 1877
Duane, David & Kent Karlstrom, Moorhead, 1899
Jesse W Larson, Moorhead, 1877
Phyllis Nelson, Moorhead, 1890
M.s. Nelson, L.a. Nelson & M.a. Niedfeldt, Moorhead, 1896
The Oberg Family, Moorhead, 1891
Maurice & May Olsgaard, Moorhead, 1895
Anne Ramstad, Moorhead, 1874
Melvin A Richards, Moorhead, 1890
D H Roen, Moorhead, 1871
Margaret Baller Sillers, Moorhead, 1882
Charles & Arthur Swanson, Moorhead, 1891
Wallace & Carol Thomas, Moorhead, 1883
Orville & Myrtle Tufton, Moorhead, 1885
Jeffery Anderson, Pelican Rapids, 1898
Gordon Gruchalla, Sabin, 1904
Susan (Rosenfeldt) Gruchalla, Sabin, 1904
Earl & Iris Hoppe, Sabin, 1894
Darryl & Tammy Johnk, Sabin, 1892
R Richard & Patsy J Koester, Sabin, 1895
Randy & Donna Mcevers, Sabin, 1903
Sherwood & Marilynn Peterson, Sabin, 1907
Rodney & Randy Schmidt, Sabin, 1893
Paul Amundson, Ulen, 1894
Curtis N Auenson, Ulen, 1874
Conrad B Christianson, Ulen, 1881
Harald I Moen, Ulen, 1890
Arvid Strand, Ulen, 1888
Dean & Bonnie Syverson, Ulen, 1902
Conrad N & Darlene R Wiger, Ulen, 1879

  1. We were just reading about the Sandman farm by Hawley, MN in the paper. They said the house was built in 1916 or 1917, our house was built in 1918 we believe.
    When would we be able to apply for a Century Farm?? We live by Hawley, MN.

    Comment by Dave & Carol Kronbeck — May 23, 2012 @ 1:41 am
  2. For information regarding Century Farms, please contact the Minnesota State Fair at 651-288-4400 or centuryfarms@mnstatefair.org. Thank you.

    Comment by Igor Dragon — July 30, 2012 @ 1:56 pm
  3. is the kniefel century farm still a member, we visited in 2009.

    Comment by Sharleen Kniefel Dorland — July 30, 2012 @ 2:45 am
  4. According to the Farm Bureau of Minnesota Century Farm website, the Kneifel farm of Steele county is still a member.

    Here is the link to the Farm Bureau website. http://www.fbmn.org/safe/mnfarms/app/run.html

    Comment by Igor Dragon — July 30, 2012 @ 2:01 pm

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