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August 19, 2013

Deutschland Wines Part 3: Pairing with Food

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In celebration of our first annual German Culture Day and Rhineland Dinner, the Historical and Cultural Society will be blogging about German culture, food, wine, beers, music and more. Kicking off our German series is a three-part blog about German wine. Sam Wai, a local wine expert, shares his vast knowledge of the various wines produced in Germany; a country often over looked for a source of great wine.

Best German Wines with Non-German Dishes

by Sam Wai

Shrimp at the Mandarin Kitchen, Minneapolis, MN

Without a doubt, the best occasion to drink wine is with food.  Of course, German food with German wine is the obvious pairing.  Most of us do not eat German food on a daily basis.  However, German wines are versatile for drinking with a great variety of cuisines.  Majority of the German wines widely available in the U. S. are off-dry whites and many of them are made of the Riesling grape.  This style of wine is excellent to drink with the many Asian cuisines like Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai.  These cuisines have a few things in common.  They are highly seasoned with soy based flavors.  Seasoning if often keyed up and some dishes are spicy hot.

Chutney Chicken Salad at The VIP Room, Fargo

The lighter body of a white German wine and the refreshing quality both work well to balance the strong flavors of these cuisines.  A little sweetness in the wine offers a cooling contrast against the salt and spices.  The refreshing acidity of a wine grown in a northern climate also balances the sweetness sometime found in Asian food.  The lower alcohol content of most German wines also allows for a bit more quaffing.


At the Indian Palace in Fargo

Another classic pairing is an off-dry Riesling with India and curried dishes.  The complex spices work so well with the tropical notes of a Riesling.  It is almost like a spoonful of chutney with your curry.  A great summer lunch is a chilled curried chicken salad on a bed of crisp lettuce enjoyed with a cold glass of German Riesling.  Above are pictures of dishes that will go well with a German Riesling. Next time you are dining out, try German wines and let us know what you think. Enjoy!




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